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How Hate Remains in the Bay

Could a replay of Charlottesville occur here? The Bay Area has many of its own icons of a racist past that may be ripe for removal. UC Berkeley’s Barrows Hall, for example, is named after David Prescott Barrows, a university president at Berkeley who advocated for the colonization of the Philippines. Several students have advocated renaming the hall.

The electrified “Albany cross” that adorns Albany Hill was placed at a time when Ku Klux Klan membership in the Bay Area was widespread, while Jack London Square is named after an author who displayed consistent antipathy toward African Americans. In San Francisco, Justin Herman Plaza has been the subject of scrutiny as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has considered renaming the area, currently named after the architect of an “urban renewal program” that is credited with displacing African American and Japanese American residents.

Alt-Right in the Bay Area

 I spoke with Pawl Bazile, an organizer for the Proud Boys, a “Western ch…

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