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Hello all,

This next month is a month where I'm going to be changing alot within my personal life for the better. As such, cleaning out my desktop is a huge part. I'm clearing out Jordan Denato's Stars of Courage series and putting it on a thumb drive and thought it would be a good excuse to post all the best art in one post so that people could appreciate it alone without going through all the original text. Here goes.

Learn About Guam

Note: I wrote this early in the morning - I am going to update it with links to news stories.

Guam, a small island 2,000 km. from the Phillipines that hosts 160,000 Americans, has been the talk of the world recently. North Korea has repeatedly threatened it with a strike and the threat level is at such a stage that the territory's government has issued a warning to its citizens about what to do in the response of a nuclear blast.

This isn't the first time this has occurred. The same scenario played out and defused early on in Barack Obama's second term. However, the danger is greater with the sort of reckless rhetoric that Trump is known for - with him and his administration threatening North Korea with "fire and fury" and "the destruction of its people." Like with Iraq, it's possible North Korea could be a problem that was simmering during a Democratic presidency and popped during a Republican one.

Guam, in the twenty first century, could have any …

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