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Stars Of Courage: The Power Of Gustavo Gutierrez In History

Note: As you can see, ALOT of work was put in to this. There was a pleasant degree of financial support for the first issue of the RST print magazine. In order to do more work like that, we need your support at whatever level you can give. Donating is easy:

In the pantheon of influential intellectuals, Dominican Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez is bound to be glossed over. The European story dominates college courses and so with it were the intellectuals who explained what on earth happened in World War II and the Cold War - Francis Fukiyama, Robert Nisbet, Hannah Arednt, George Orwell, even Ayn Rand or Aldous Huxley. Latin America is largely a backdrop. Outside of Latin America, Gutierrez is hardly mentioned outside of seminaries or Catholic universities - however, like the above, his impact on the world has been consistent for the past few decades.

And yet Gutierrez has been a theologian of great consequence, earning his keep as a political theorist and intellectual. His seminal work A Theol…

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Hello all, with the work of both myself and my friend Eva, I finally have put together a published version of my Oscar Romero / Jennifer Reimer work with Jordan Denato,"Evoke."

To newcomers who do not know - Jennifer Lauren Reimer was a "street sociologist" and creator of the cult website Practice of Madness. Oscar Romero was a Catholic saint and martyr during the 1970s/80s El Salvadoran civil war who was beatified by Pope Francis in 2015. This volume contains my writing about both figures, along with that of writer Sharon Cretsinger, writing by Jennifer Reimer that has been previously unpublished and a graphic novel portrayal of both the martyrdom of Saint Oscar Romero during the El Salvadoran wars and Jennifer Reimer's life and death.

This was a group effort. It could not have happened without the help of Eva Gnostiquette and Jordan Denato. They volunteered their effort. I appreciate it so much.

You can purchase a copy of the first issue of Radical Second T…

Instaread Review: Games People Play

Hello all, I originally wrote this up for the company Instareads, who hired me to write descriptions for their phone app. The individual working there was impossible to work with and asked me frequently to "review" the material without being critical, only to get mad when my material wasn't critical enough because he wanted a review. Not even kidding about that. Well, I'm a good writer and I have an audience. Here is my review for the classic book Games People Play, just for the Radical Second Things audience.

Instaread on
Games People Play: The Basic Handbook of Transactional Analysis

By Eric Berne M.D.
Summary Games People Play was Dr. Eric Berne's brilliant work, which postulated the everyday games that people play with one another in nearly all situations in which they transact goods, power, sex or satisfaction or validation with one another. Far from only opining about the “games” that couples are known to play with another, Berne demonstrates that human game p…

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Mark Cappetta is a practicing Catholic and active LGBT activist. He has been instrumental in keeping Radical Second Things and updates the Facebook account almost daily.

Eva Gnostiquette is an artist, programmer, "future scientist," bi-trans girl and graphic designer. She voluntarily helped to create the first print issue Radical Second Things and designed our beautiful banners. Thanks so much, Eva!

Jordan Denato is a professional artist based out of Iowa. He took the initiative to illustrate both Jennifer Reimer's story and Michael Orion's Oscar Romero work. He has his own art studio, Tar and Feather Studios, and is a critical part of Radical Second Things.

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