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Review: Before the Awakening

It has been a long time since I wrote a review for my website. This website brings in only a trickle of income so it's generally my lower priority. However, I finally finished reading "Before the Awakening" - one of the Star Wars books that acts as a prequel to the Force Awakens film.

I had grievances with Force Awakens. Generally, it felt as if there were no new ideas and the recycling of ideas not only came from the original trilogy which JJ Abrams sought to emulate but also from the prequels, which both critics and fans so intensely loathed, and from JJ himself. Kylo Ren, without his helmet, looked, behaved and fought just like Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith.

However there were differences and reading Greg Rucka's Before the Awakening illustrated what those differences were. We see stories featuring FN-2187, Rey and Poe, which show each character in experiences that shape their outlook and behavior in Force Awakens.

I found the story featuring Rey the mo…

Radical Second Things T-Shirts!!!!

As an experiment in fundraising, I designed a T-shirt adorned with the visage of Mahatma Ghandi. I am very proud of Jordan's art and since this is my first time doing this, I auctioned for only 25 T-shirts. This is a first try. If 25 people order the shirt, it will be made.

Radical Second Things' Anti-Trump Video

I really really do not like Donald Trump and I'm disgusted that anyone does. I am employed by a friend who needs video projects produced for her graduate school work. She has told me that I am good at this and, so, I have made my own personal effort in to this. I have challenged and rejected everyone in my life who likes this scumbag and I will be satisfied in being able to say I wasn't a silent coward. Any negative comments about this here or on Facebook will be deleted.

Also, one fair criticism I got is that the Hitler stuff is overused and cliche. Nazis are compared with everything bad in the world. My friend suggested depicting Mussolini. There will be more videos during the year - I used this primarily because you see to what degree Adolf Hitler worked up a crowd. Adolf Hitler also was a fantastic and literate speaker, something "the Donald" isn't. He talks like a two year old.

A little note - I used the music of Blutengel in this. I have used their music in…

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Michael Orion is a blogger, writer, artist and photographer based in the Bay Area. Besides his maintenance and promotion of Radical Second Things, he contributes to the San Francisco newspaper SF Western Edition, where he writes about local non-profit organizations.

Mark Cappetta is a practicing Catholic and active LGBT activist. He has been instrumental in keeping Radical Second Things and updates the Facebook account almost daily.

Eva Gnostiquette is an artist, programmer, "future scientist," bi-trans girl and graphic designer. She voluntarily helped to create the first print issue Radical Second Things and designed our beautiful banners. Thanks so much, Eva!

Jordan Denato is a professional artist based out of Iowa. He took the initiative to illustrate both Jennifer Reimer's story and Michael Orion's Oscar Romero work. He has his own art studio, Tar and Feather Studios, and is a critical part of Radical Second Things.

Radical Second Things is a liberation theology themed blog that has clear cut goals - we see the structural decline of the United States and much of the west and hope to present alternatives that will offer "a preferential option for the poor" as more become vulnerable.

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