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Sponsored Post: What Would A Trump Presidency Mean to The Mexican Oil Industry?

Donald Trump has arguably created more of an uproar in Mexico, where his slim chances of being elected are far less well understood. How ever you feel about the potential disaster of a President Trump, it’s worth looking, at least momentarily, at how some of that disaster would likely play out.

Steep tariffs on imports from either China or Mexico would severely disrupt supply chains to U.S. industry and probably immediate plunge the United States into a deep economic spiral. So don’t look at those happening, even if Trump moves straight into the White House. The likelihood of a recession is so high that it just wouldn’t happen.

Trump’s poor understanding of the meaning of trade deficits lead him to declare that trade wars need to be fought, but imports and exports don’t need to be balanced to be profitable. As the US auto industry is deeply integrated with its Mexican counterpart, one could expect that most factories in the US would simply have to close, and their headquarters would lik…

"Pope Francis and the Jews" En Espanol

Here is another of my favorite articles - "Pope Francis and the Jews" - translated en espanol. This is all experimental but a Spanish speaking audience is something I would like to cultivate, for reasons I think would be obvious from reading my material. Please share with your friends.

Translation by Liliana Savage.

La Iglesia Católica es una institución con casi dos mil años de historia. En cuanto a las instituciones
religiosas van, sin par; la mayoría de las religiones han sobrevivido a través de los siglos a través de sus seguidores, pero las instituciones que las rodean se han desmoronado desde hace mucho tiempo.
Como tal, la iglesia trae consigo un importante grado de contradicción, ya que se yuxtapone contra los siglos de historia que la respaldan. Naomi Klein, señaló en su artículo publicado en The New Yorker
sobre su invitación al Vaticano, que parecía como si Francisco y muchos en su reino estuvieran
dirigiéndose hacia una “nueva teología” con la ecología y el cuidad…

"Martyr Romero, Francis Ascendant" En Espanol

Following is my article on Oscar Romero, which I wrote for the Hampton Institute, originally titled "Martyr Romero, Francis Ascendant." Within the week I will share my article "Pope Francis and the Jews," originally published at Patheos, also translated in to Spanish.

"Somos trabajadores, no somos expertos constructores, somos ministros, no somos el Mesías. Somos profetas de un futuro que no es nuestro". - Monseñor Oscar Romero
Algo muy importante ocurrió hace unas semanas: El Papa Francisco declaró que Oscar Romero sería reconocido como santo por la Iglesia Católica. Oscar Romero fue asesinado por los fascistas de El Salvador en 1980 y se convirtió pronto en un "mártir de la fe". Ha sido colocado frente al proces
Romero es un icono en América Latina. Para los salvadoreños, podría compararse a un Che Guevara Católico - y siempre ha sido visto como un mártir por su fe, incluso si el Vaticano sólo recientemente lo ve de esa manera. Murales con su car…

What Recent Porn Scandals Tell Us About This Massive Industry

I recently got told by a friend of Jen's that she did porn when she was younger. No, I haven't looked for it but the horror stories she told me, the variant of feminism she embraced and a great deal other things made it all make sense.

You could write an entire book of psychology about pornography and what it says about the mind. It is so widely available and cheaply produced that, whereas some mystique about sexuality could have actually existed for much of human history, there certainly is not now.

Pornography plays to fantasies. In the porn world, sex is easy to have, validation comes easy and everyone gets what they want. Anyone who has lived life should know well why this is all fantasy and the stories we hear from behind the scenes in the porn world demonstrate the fantasy all the more. We don't get what we want in that greater world - disappointment abounds, along with powerlessness, invalidation and confusion so, as a now widely digested form of entertainment (porn…

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