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Pope Francis: A Very Political Person?

Hello, everyone - this article was originally scheduled for one of the magazines I write for on a freelance capacity. However, since the synod in which Francis will lay out his approach to divorce is still forthcoming, my editor wanted something more concurrent. I feel like there hasn't been a whole lot of new content here so here it is.

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The Pope mania that overtook the United States with a brief intensity when sitting Pope Francis visited in September 2015 has now past us, overtaken by a mania around a much more nefarious Donald Trump. Even as the memory of enthusiastic children and crying speakers of the house have left us, the hard work of the world's first Latin American pope has continued unabated.

Francis' upcoming synod on the family looks to tackle one of the oldest social tensions of the church and one that arguably fueled the rift between Catholicism and Protestantism centuries ago – divorce and re…

Stars of Courage: Mother Jones

Hello, Jordan Denato and I worked on art for my book project Evoke together, which is still in the process of self-publication. Our art collaborations have taken on a life all their own and,if all pans out, I hope to put all of them together and pitch them to graphic novel publishers. This series will cover well known figures in history, taking a spin off of the series "Courage Boys," created by conservative radio host Glenn Beck. 

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In the early twentieth century, the United States enjoyed a great deal of leaders who were, by modern estimations, very radical. Mary Harris "Mother" Jones came of age through hardships that were distinctly economic in nature. She was born in Ireland and left for North America in the wake of a famine which led to the fleeing of a sizeable portion of Ireland's population.

 In the midst of such hardship, she saw both the success of implemented socialism in her life as well as the need t…

An Interview With Indian Political Commentator Mohamed Zeeshan

Mohamed Zeeshan is a gifted writer based out of India. I have known him for a few years and I thought he would be a great subject for the series of interviews here that has ranged from neo-Nazi senate candidates to audio drama producers. You can find his work on his website.

You have written a great deal about the political situation in India. I noticed that the talk of ethnic fracturing, resurgent nationalism and attacks on minorities all sounded a lot like what has been happening in the United States. Can you explain the situation in India and what you think my readers can learn from it?

Well, it's true that we in India are seeing a lot of identity politics. The electorate has been divided along the lines of religious, caste and linguistic identity, and politicians now try to win votes from communities rather than individuals. But this isn't really a new phenomenon. It has been happening for at least the last 2-3 decades, but people are starting to talk about it a lot more now…

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