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A Second Interview With Augustus Invictus

You’re using your campaign for the Toga Virilis as a rallying point to lead people in a larger culture war. First, would you consider that assessment fair, and second, how do you see that role in the culture war playing out?
That is indeed a fair assessment. I have remarked numerous times that this campaign is much larger than the mere election of Florida’s next Senator. I have also noted that this movement must be cultural in order to be effective, as a mere political election without deeper roots would be an empty, meaningless, short-term change without aim. If we want to change the political system in any real way, we must first change the culture. As concerns the larger culture war, I would first remark that a culture war is not necessarily limited to a mere battle over art forms and literary experiments. I do see literal violence coming. As for my role in that war, it could be that the country collapses and I will be in a position to lead at that time in a way I am unable to lead n…

An Interview With Karl Dutton, Creator of the X-Men Audio Drama

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Hello, I originally planned this interview to be part of a story that would incorporate an interview with the creator of X-Men: Danger Room Protocols. That did not pan out - at least not as soon as I wanted. Instead I am presenting my interview with creative genius Karl Dutton individually. Dutton is a British born writer and producer who created an X-Men audio drama that is available free (he does not make a profit from it) on the internet. As you listen, the series is clearly designed to mimic the X-Men animated series of the 1990s, relying on a alternate take on the animated show's theme song for the audio drama's theme song. The series is produced through Dutton's production firm, Scyther Podcast Audio Dramas. Check out an episode:

1) What is the copyright situation with Marvel? Marvel gave the creators of X-Men: Danger Room Protocols a cease and desist letter. If you have clearance with Marvel, how did you …

REVIEW: Star Wars: Shattered Empire

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A while back I reviewed Star Wars: The Aftermath for this blog. I have now read Shattered Empire, a comic book tie in for The Force Awakens that had a similar plotline - following tired and worn soldiers for the Rebel Alliance following the victory of the Rebels over the Empire.

It's tenuous how much canon books and comics like this have. Like I wrote before, critical elements of both the Star Wars films and TV shows have showed up in comic books and novels first. There are enough overlapping elements in Shattered Empire to demonstrate that both authors Greg Rucka and Chuck Wendig were in contact with each other.

Greg Rucka is an excellent writer - one of the comic book industry's finest. His work on Batwoman not only humanely portrayed a superheroine struggling with her lesbian identity but also a superheroine who grappled with both the drive to live …

What Harper Lee Still Tells Us

Hello everyone - this will be one of hopefully many reviews. I am hoping that I will get picked up by a literary magazine at some point, my writing is doing about as well as one could expect it given the nature of publishing in 2016. Please consider donating to Radical Second Things - remember that writing is not free. Thank you to those who have donated so far!

I had never read To Kill A Mockingbird before. It's a bit strange - I went through a period in high school when I read as much of the big, famous literature as I could but I leaned more toward Kurt Vonnegut, with more mainstream works falling by the wayside.

Like Vonnegut, Harper Lee faces some grim things by way of great prose and fiction. Through the eyes of a child, we see the false conviction and eventual execution of a black man, with the man in question clearly playing the role of patsy for white southerner's collective sense of failure.

The protagonist, Jean Louise Finch, is the daughter of the attorney who repr…

Short Review: Star Wars Aftermath

Star Wars novels and comic books are a mixed bag. On one hand, they are licensed by Lucasfilm and sometimes really do have consequence. The urban city of Coruscant popped up in Dark Empire and the Heir to the Empire series originally and was then introduced as the predominant setting of much of the events in the prequel films.

Likewise, Mother Talzin, a major character in the hit show Star Wars: Clone Wars, originally appeared in Dark Horse's comic book line. Nevertheless, the stuff you read in Star Wars books can easily be of no consequence - the Tales of the Bounty Hunter series showed an origin for Boba Fett completely unlike what we saw in the prequels while the original expanded universe novels of the 1990s showed Han and Leia with multiple children, none of whom were named Ben.

So I read a book like Aftermathwith trepidation. It's fun to read - it ties the trilogies together and helps it all seem cohesive and interconnected - but it could all be totally irrelevant. We ge…

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