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An Interview With Augustus Invictus

What do you make of the Donald Trump phenomenon?

American Psycho is one of my favorite books. I'd probably put it in the top five novels of all time. One aspect of it that didn't quite make the movie is that Donald Trump is Patrick Bateman's idol. That alone is enough to make me a Trump fan, but it goes deeper than that.
Also to consider is the fact of Trump's cameo in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Though a fun little family film not at all in the genre of the adaptation of Ellis' novel, the second half of Kevin McCallister's saga has every bit as much staying power, and is, by anyone's standard, a true American classic. 
It should be noted that American is the key word to all of this. Donald Trump is as American as baseball and apple pie (though you leftists would certainly debate that these are symbols of the white man's oppression). And that is what his detractors will never understand: he is a phenomenon because he is pure, unfiltered, unapologetic A…

"The Force Awakens" and George Lucas' Vindication

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I love Star Wars and have followed all things Star Wars most of my life. Naturally I saw Force Awakens three times and have followed the aftermath. It was almost seen as gospel for a long time that George Lucas was some sort of creative monster or sociopath - intentionally destroying the mythology of children with bad prequel films and repeated Special Editions which butchered the original films.

The Force Awakens, however, makes me and others view things in a new light. Unlike the loathed prequel trilogy, there were really no new ideas of any kind in Force Awakens. Sure, the protagonist is female and one of the main characters is black - things that aren't really new at all compared to either trilogy. There were some weird homages to his own Lost by JJ Abrams, such as the main characters following a map to find Luke Skywalker on a mysterious island world (Really, JJ?).

Otherwise, the formula was just a remix of A New H…

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