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The Divine Feminine

A note - Blogging isn't free. Right now I provide gifts to my writers as a way of thanking people for writing. I would like to be able to afford to give them some sort of renumeration, even if it is small, for making this blog what it is. I'm in talks with a friend who may be able to help connect this blog, which has been in existence for one year now, with more religious communities dedicated to interfaith dialogue. Your donation will do a lot toward making that happen.

I originally submitted this article for Truthout, which published an essay by me about Thomas Merton a little over  a year ago. I got notified that it got passed over for publication by their editorial board. I thought it would be a good fit for the blog.

The Divine Feminine
If there ever was evidence for patriarchy, organized religion certainly is it. Throughout all of the major religions, men dominate the leadership structure and are the most predominant in figures of reverence. It's not simply a …

Maiello and Orion Worry About World Wars and Star Wars

It's been a while since I've talked with Michael Maiello. Maiello is a successful journalist who has written for Forbes, Esquire and other publications. Here we are, at it again. Enjoy.

Questions for Maiello

Instead of asking you what you thought of another shooting, I wanted to ask you about my hypothesis of what is happening.

We have a Republican president who is running on all sorts of liberal platforms shrouded in over the top racism and sexism. We have random shootings, leading to what may be possible executive action to stop it. We have a stand off between great powers in the Middle East, with one appearing confused and insane after the strain of endless wars and economic turmoil and the other resurgent after being untouched by such turmoil. There are apparently also going to be street protests of Islam in American cities. It sounds a whole lot like Europe in the 1930s, to be honest. All of those things basically happened in Europe then.
I think, at least on the domestic si…

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