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Responsible Ohio: Prohibition through Monopoly

Here in Ohio we're finally in the cusp of realizing legalizing marijuana and by legalizing, I don't mean the end of prohibition. No we're going to full circle in corporate control of the plant, the state benefiting from the sale of the plant and of course no reversing convictions of those who have sold it or smoked it previously. This initiative is the idea of ten investors, which want to capitalize upon the new emerging market of marijuana.

The issue easily divides people into camps who want strict regulation, medicinal cannabis only and a corporate monopoly created by the state to control the market and stomp out the black market. There is benefit to all of these initiatives, but none of these establish credibility in my opinion as this amendment doesn't end prohibition, it eases the burden for businessman to make money off of it however.

According to Provision F:

The growth and cultivation of marijuana and medical marijuana, and the extraction of cannabinoids from m…

Maiello And Orion Talk Vaccines, Housing And Star Wars

Questions For Maiello Urban Living - I moved back up to the Seattle area. A friend has given me a pretty good offer that would have me living in a pretty stable situation for a long time that'd be very affordable and allow me to live and work without feeling like the rug was constantly going to be pulled out from under me.
Cities like Seattle and the Bay Area especially are very expensive. An apartment averages around $1000 a month in Seattle and some places were literally charging that per week in the Bay Area (I'm serious!!) It's strange when these places are filled with liberals who bemoan social inequalities and yet have economic climates that encourage very stark inequality. Why is this? Is it just supply and demand? What can be done to change it, if anything?

You don't even want to know about New York City, then.  A few things are going on, though.  First is that rental demand all over the place has been elevated since the housing crisis.  Though real estate market…

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