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Sexual Harassment Towards Men Is A Thing (But Not What You Think)

By now, you have probably seen the video of the woman in New York who videoed herself getting cat called throughout a day in New York City. There's all sorts of things people have said about it and I'm not going to add to them - I have been right next to attractive female friends when they have been cat called and I have no doubts about what women face.

I am going to add my own little experience to it though - it's something most men probably ignore and don't even talk about. Unlike the harassment women face, it's not in your face but it's nonetheless annoying. You know what I mean - online sexual harassment.

Today I got this message in my inbox, along with this image of a "23 year old" (whoever that young lady is, I hope she is both aware that her visage is being used and is safe - if you know her and find this worrying, please contact me and I can provide the e-mail and we can possibly get law enforcement involved) woman:

From the message: "my dig…

God Is Necessary - But The Church Isn't Necessarily Necessary

I was homeless for a decent amount of time in Seattle around about 2012 (Unlike others who have been, I am not afraid of that word.). Like a lot of people who were homeless in that area, I would have breakfast at McDonald's. One morning, I somehow ended up talking about science and religion with this acquaintance I made while waiting for McD's. He told me that he was ambivalent about a lot of scripture but said bluntly, "It's a little obvious that there's something more significant in this universe than a human being." That seems obvious to me too but recognition of that comes with a great deal of humility and a recognition that your place on this earth is a bit limited in its actual significance. Many people aren't ready to do that.

It had never been my primary issue but I had mocked faith in my past. I had a friend who was totally literal about Adam and Eve and creation and as an educated person, I couldn't help but think he was living in a fantasy …

Barack Obama Is A Bad President

I am a radical. This website has "radical" in its description. I abhor racism, discrimination and an unchecked and unregulated capitalist system like the United States has. These are all true despite my past in the libertarian world. This article is not meant to endorse the artistocratic policies of George W. Bush but rather those of a more humanistic radicalism like what we see from left wing leaders in Latin America like Jose Mujica of Uraguay.

I do not and will not ever call myself a "progressive," however. Progressive is an American term that the Democratic Party in the United States adopted in the years preceding and then following the election of Barack Obama and its a term that I think will lose its appeal as it becomes associated with this bizarrely horrible tenure of our 44th president. Despite, and in my own view, because of those radical principles, I greatly look forward to Barack Obama leaving office in 2016.

This country has become dramatically worse …

Josh Deeds Reviews "Genius"

Josh Deeds is a pretty good friend of mine. I'm proud of getting him in to the Hampton Institution and am very happy that he is willing to write for Radical Second Things. Josh is a big comic nerd and I hope this will be one of many like this. 

"Genius" is a comic that touches upon a very real problem in America's urban communities today. Violence and economic apartheid is visited upon minority communities in America. Violence disproportionately used against minorities due to internalized and blatant racism in America's police culture. Mike Brown was a recent victim of this culture.
In the beginning we see our main character Destiny as one of the prominent gang leaders girlfriends, she is wise as she takes advantage of this relationship and learns the business of running a gang. She uses her sexuality to take control in order to learn from her boyfriend. When he dies, she takes over and puts the gang into radical territory.
In what would have been a Po…

My Latest Article On Pope Francis

My latest article, published in Tikkun:

Pope Francis’ recent appointment of Blasé Cupich — a progressive bishop from Spokane, Washington — to replace the reactionary Cardinal Francis George as the leader of the Archdiocese of Chicago shows that Pope Francis is intent on reviving liberation theology not just in the Vatican and in the developing world but also within the ranks of U.S. Catholic leadership.

The leadership of the Archdiocese of Chicago is a huge role, as it involves a position of authority over two million Catholics. The Pope’s new pick, Cupich, is the opposite of Cardinal George, a reactionary who had butted heads with the Obama administration and compared gay pride parades to the Ku Klux Klan. In sharp contrast, Cupich has used his pulpit to condemn as “provocative” the Catholics who protested against abortion rights in front of Planned Parenthood. And during the election cycle of a referendum on gay marriage in Washington state, Cupich even expressed conce…

Conversation With An Atheist

M: Hello, how are you today?

A: I hate religion.

M: Why do you hate religion?

A: I hate religion.

M: No, I mean beyond that.

A: The Bible is a book of ancient mystical hocus pocus and magic that went way past its shelf life. The sooner the world realizes this, the better.

M: Okay, so it is The Bible you don't like, not religion - all religion, Eastern or Western, that you hate. What do you hate about it?

A: The Bible encourages oppression of women and killing of gays.

M: Well there is a forbiddance of gays in the Torah but not in the New Testament. There's no mention at all. And Christ stopped a prostitute from being executed. That's hardly oppressing women.

A: I hate religion.

M: I realize that. I'm just trying to understand where you're coming from.

A: You can't understand anything. You're stupid, ignorant and a mouth breather. Anyone enlightened believes in science.

M: In science? Okay, what do you make of the fact that interstellar chemicals resemble D…

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