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Marxism and Religion

I am dedicating this essay to my friend Lance Deaton. Lance and I have had many conversations about politics and religion and one point he has always made to me when I argue for socialist programs that would lift the financial burdens of working people is the history of leftist, communist (and there is a critical difference) regimes that were violently hostile to religion. I thought I'd take it on first hand here.

I have been interning with Tikkun, a progressive religious magazine out of Berkeley, for a couple weeks now. Since starting I have devoured several books, including two of Rabbi Michael Lerner's books - Embracing Israel/Palestine and The Left Hand Of God. The former I read within less than a week and the latter I am 60 pages in to. Lerner is very readable, knowledgeable about theology and other matters and very engaging. A winning combo for me.

One part in The Left Hand Of God that stood out to me is when Lerner talks about previous hierarchical systems before capita…

Feminism And The Market

I've had friends say I should write about feminism at times and I have resisted because I felt my interpretation of it is off. There are things I really don't like about modern feminism but I never really felt like I pinpointed the real cause of those things.

I have worked alongside women and have absolutely no problem with doing so. I was once perplexed when I went to a job interview and was asked bluntly if I "had a problem working underneath a woman." It was the last thing from my mind. As time went on, I began to associate feminism with that mindset and naturally gained an avoidance to anyone who professed to be a feminist.

Most men my age have experienced moments in which women, even the women closest to them, have suddenly suspected strange distrust in us for few reasons. I've had it with male friends as well, but seeing as we both are straight men, it usually manifests in non-sexually fueled ways. People stressed out by the marketplace negate community and…

Senseless Slaughter And PTSD

Art Spiegelman has added himself to the long list of Jewish intellectuals who are critical of Israeli actions:

Art Spiegelman — celebrated comics book artist, illustrator and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Maus” — has broken his silence on the subject of Israel. At least that’s how he put it to his Facebook followers last week when he shared a collage he designed for a recent issue of the magazine The Nation.

Prefacing the social media post by saying that he has spent a “lifetime trying to NOT think about Israel,” Spiegelman went on to say that “Israel is like some badly battered child with PTSD who has grown up to batter others.”
Read more:
Many have said that they believe that both sides are suffering from a serious case of post-traumatic stress disorder. I know what PTSD is like. When I look in the mirror in the morning, I really wonder how and why …

Open Mikes Q&A With Michael Maiello And Michael Orion Powell

I said it in my last interview with him - Michael Maiello is one of my best publishing friends. He not only saw me through the hard and good times but also seemed to see something in me nearly from the beginning. Our regular "Open Mikes" Q&A idea was his own and he wanted to switch it up this time - asking me questions! Gosh gee, I didn't even know I had thoughts that anyone would find that interesting. Here goes.....

MOP: When I talked to you last, you mentioned Ferguson in passing. That had just started up and so we didn't see the fallout yet. Rand Paul has said bluntly that we need to demilitarize police and Obama alluded to being okay with it. What do you make of it all?

MM: In Slate, Dave Weigel wrote a piece to the effect of "Libertarians have been trying to demilitarize the police for decades." That is totally true.  Conservatives have tried to maintain the weird belief that the government can't be trusted to collect taxes to fix bridg…

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