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Sponsored Post: 5 Of The Worst Attocities Against Women In Islam

The purpose of religion was to give people hope when times were troubled. As most religions were conceived when the society was not yet civilized, it is understandable that interpretation of religious scriptures has to grow as times change. Like most other religions, Islam too can be followed in a way that is peaceful and tolerant, like so many educated Muslims do.
A global poll conducted by Thomas Reuters Foundation revealed that among the 5 most dangerous countries in the world, 3 were Muslim dominated. But women in Iran like Nina Ansary have grown past the shackles that religious zealots impose on them. The women in Islam have faced many atrocities in the past and still do. Here are five of the worst atrocities against women in Islam –

1. Domestic Violence – The beating of wives, abusing them physically, is seen to be a tradition since early times. It appears to be an early tradition and was sanctioned by the society. Women were considered as good as slaves. Men could flog their wives and then bed them at the end of the day. It is considered to be a woman’s duty to satisfy her husband’s needs despite the mistreatment. For this, reference is made to Sura 4:34 of the Quran, which when translated should be carefully read.

These verses have been interpreted in the matter that suits the males in the Muslim community. Many of the men interpret it as the right to hit their wives and subject them to domestic violence. In fact, in one television show, a stick was shown as the right instrument to beat the wives.

2. Sharia Law – The Sharia law is one of the most atrocious laws that permit the Muslim society to marry Muslim women irrespective of their age. In addition, the law also permits men to bed young girls, as young as only nine years old. The female sexuality is viewed as something that corrupts the society and the genitals of numerous Islamic women are hacked or mutilated under this law and justified as being one of the teachings of Islam. The UN has banned this atrocious law which sanctions domestic violence and rape of Muslim women. However, Muslim states refuse to recognize the ban and consider the ban as an encroachment on their religious teachings. While the world today, recognizes these cruelties, including beating and raping women as barbarianism, Muslim community states that this is a part of Islam.

3. Gendercide – Muslim women are considered an inferior gender, which is why they are treated more as objects than as human being with emotions and feelings. They do not have hope, education, are married off as children, and abused. Such is a Muslim woman’s life. More, while the men can have physical relations with anyone of their choice, women cannot even attract anyone. For then, it becomes an honor killing - kill to save the honor of the family. More, woman is considered to carry ‘nine parts of desire’, which means that she is a siren out to lure men and should be punished for this. The payment for misconduct is indeed very high, sometimes with life. Another cruelty inflicted on Muslim women is that they do know whom they will marry. Will they be the first, second, third or the fourth bride? All this in the name of Islam.

4. Honor Killings – Muslim women are targets of misogyny. Simply translated it means, hatred of the female gender. In Islamic countries, misogyny is manifested in the form of domestic violence, sexual exploitation, denigration and others. They are mistreated and the men are champions of hatred for women. However, it is also true that an increasing number of Muslim women are daring to raise their voices. They resist abuse of human rights such as sexual abuse, forced marriage and others. Young people refuse to bow down to the demands of their families. This is resulting in honor killings and this atrocity is now increasing. According to a study published in the Guardian, this crime has risen by almost 47%in just one year.

These are the statistics given under the Freedom of Information Act regarding violence cases, such as abduction, acid attacks, forced marriages, physical abuse, murder, genital mutilations and others. While the figures for the year 2010 record 2823 incidents, it is believed that the actual figures may be four times higher.

5. Prohibition to Get Education – The Muslim community does not encourage Muslim women to get education and create an efficient workforce. Instead, it promotes jihad, which encourages large-scale homicides and killings. Muslim women are prohibited to go out or participate in Jihad. They are considered to be an unimportant part of the society and their key function is to serve the males in the household and the society. They, like animals, have the function of breeding and for this, Muslim women are used without any discrimination. They are not considered equal to men and are compared to unclean dogs and pigs. Since, education will teach them of their rights and make them defiant of the oppressions that they face, Muslim women are kept illiterate.

These points show the amount of oppression faced by Muslim women. Since women have started questioning the atrocities heaped on them, the cruelty on them is increasing in the name of Islam. Islamic countries have rejected the UN sanction that bans cruelty on women. The atrocities on women continue in the name of religion.


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