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Coltrane - After the Rain

John Coltrane passed away 50 years ago - Dr. Cornel West honored his life by posting this song. I don't think they make music like this much anymore.

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"I'm Not Worried About You" - Prepping for the Big Step

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In 2011, I experienced a brutal and horrible drug withdrawal. While travelling through southeast Asia, I went without SSRI and benzodiasepenes, which I was taking together in order to alleviate crippling anxiety. The process mentally was indescribable - in no small part because I don't fully remember it all. I remember a decent amount sure, which honestly felt pretty close to dying - whatever these drugs do leads to a very destructive feeling during withdrawal, but I wasn't conscious for all of it - it came to a head with me waking up in a hospital, being told of a fit that I had absolutely zero memory of.

When I woke up, I woke up to a Chamorro nurse telling me my "brother" was there. My brother of course was Erving, who had helped me survive hell by keeping me with him. He brought McDonald's, which I will admit has led…

Portions of Saint Columba's "Justice That Makes Peace Possible" Proposal

Today I attended mass at Saint Columba Catholic Church. For the parishioners, they provide a pamphlet called "The Justice That Makes Peace Possible: An Interfaith Proposal." SCCC seems to be a genuine liberation theology driven Catholic church in the heart of the Bay Area - the sort of congregation that I have hungered for for years.

I want people to see for themselves and to visit their website or, if they are in the area, the church for themselves. However, I really did enjoy parts of the proposal and want to share portions of it here. The text was originally written by Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P. with the Interfaith Peace Project. Check it out:

1. We must become what we want the World to be. It is quite normal to have a vision for the World. We are often disappointed with the World around us and the people we meet and encounter. Sometimes we are angered by the misdeeds of others. The World situation can seem overwhelming. I come to realize what disturbs me. This upset can be…

Oakland's Liberation Theology Embracing Saint Columba Church

A reminder - the unique coverage of liberation theology that you see at Radical Second Things is only possible with your support. Please donate.

Today, I actually got out of bed in the middle of the morning, as exhausted as I really was, got on the BART train and made it all the way to San Pablo, in North Oakland, to attend services at Saint Columba church. I found about the church from an online special about it. I would greatly like to interview someone at the church but until then, here is a feature with some of the pictures I took. Saint Columba has portraits of Cesar Chavez, Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero and a number of other radical Catholic figures that you wouldn't typically expect to be prominent in a major church. In addition to that, there is a black Jesus figure - an homage to its largely African American constituency.

Radical religious organizations aimed at African Americans aren't really a new thing but they usually are Baptist, Muslim, even Seventh Day Adventist or…

My Alt Right Prophecy

My friend Eva, a big part of Radical Second Things, dug up stuff where I wrote about Richard Spencer and Donald Trump all the way back in 2011. I wish I hadn't been a prophet about this but I guess I was:

Here he is linking Trump to the alt-right four years before he announced his candidacy, naming 'Alternative Right':…/246112_The_Donald_Ind…

Here's his piece identifying the mainstreaming of fascism back in 2011:…/245441_John_Derbyshir…

He notes the classism of Richard Spencer (and mentions Youth for Western Civilization) here:…/245184_Richard_Spence…

And, finally, here's his piece about Nazis opening up to the public:…/244200_Say_Hi_To_Open…

The Radical Second Things Playlist

Hello -

So I have created a music playlist that I think pretty much epitomizes the times we currently live in on a progressive level. Prog rock was huge in the 1970s and oddly enough seems to be somewhat resurgent in our current times, times that are socially very, very similar. There was a bunch of music I thought would work in this playlist but I kept in concise so that the casual listener would greater appreciate the songs I think are core to this collection.


Obama's Vindication

While watching Russia Today recently, they had a guest on (I've been unable to find the original video) who wrote an upcoming piece in the American Conservative that in part defended the most disappointed part of Obama's presidency - the continuation of various Middle East wars. The author said that leaks from within the Obama administration seem to indicate that Obama was very well aware of the real power dynamics in the Middle East and simply was pressured in to various actions by Sunni Arab interests.

The disastrous Trump months vindicate this - Trump has not hesitated to sign an epic arms deal with Saudi Arabia, throwing various rhetoric to the side with much less nuance than Obama did. The links between terrorism and the Sunni states has continued to fracture as well, as a large scale war threatens to break out with Qatar and Yemen as battlegrounds.

One thing Dave Chapelle said, just as he said that he would "give Trump a chance," is that we may end up missing …

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