You can be an island of salvation and mercy in a deteriorating world.

Our world is deteriorating. There is a terrorist attack of some kind each day. Social tension is off the charts. Every day reliances seem to be collapsing. People regularly recognize this out of frustration and then later deny it because of the raw fear that it implies.

The terror attacks are from all sides. Muslim extremists in Egypt or the United Kingdom, black or white people in the United States, it all abounds. It is not quite about the religion or group of people as it is about material conditions and resources - people are fighting to the death for control over the world's most desired resources.

This reality has to be accepted not only in order to survive but to persevere. A new power structure is going to emerge out of this one but this one is transitioning out. It's likely not going to come back and thus the expectations of it need to be relinquished. One thing liberation theology teaches is that wealth and poverty are created by man made structures. The wealth that…

Putin as George Washington: The Rebirth of Traditional Art

A very interesting phenomenon has been occurring in the mid-2010s - a resurgence of traditional art. Whereas traditional art, with its more realistic and rigid norms, was once what new artists rebelled against, the art world is going over half a century now (Jackson Pollock's "drip" art was made during World War II) with postmodern art as the norm.

It's no longer postmodern but rather modern. There's little daring in something like "Piss Christ" - the Christians who such an artist would hope to offend with something like that will just roll their eyes, used to such artwork. To be truly daring and innovative in 2017 is not to drip or splash but to again be precise, creating artwork that represents the subject as opposed to the perception of the artist.

Epoch Times, a conservative leaning newspaper published by the persecuted Falun Gong religious group, has published a good deal of coverage on this burgeoning movement. Milene Fernandez in March wrote the…

Get Your Radical Second Things Shirts!!

Hello all -

Radical Second Things has T-shirts available. I have made several including some of Jordan's custom art!

Women's Speciality Saiph Shirt
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Mario Savio Champion Shirt
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The West Will Lose

I have learned over a short lifetime of experience that, unfortunately, strongman attitudes work - at least in the short term. When I've had problems with roommates, asserting myself and making it clear that problems are a bad idea ended the problems whereas they could very well persist if I played nice guy. When you assert yourself like that, alot of people might talk bad about you behind your back but I know from experience - they will leave you alone. Westerners are terrified to say the least offensive thing about Islam, talking about this massive faith with niceties that people who actually have background with it wouldn't ever. They are intimidated and scared both of Islam's strength, complexity and intimidation and the loss of resources and energy that could come if they asserted themselves toward the real root of the problem. The West is willing to nonsensically point the finger at people they know have nothing to do with it like Vladimir Putin, aware that that is …

"Opioid crisis: Seeking help for pastoral response"

Hello all. I don't usually re-post articles on the actual blog as that's something I save for the Facebook page but this was an article from the National Catholic Register that I thought was too important personally and for my readers to pass up:

Fr. Frank Almade, pastor of four churches in New Castle, Pennsylvania, presides over more than what might seem like his share of funerals. He's pastored for the past five years in the old manufacturing town, long in decline, located about an hour's drive from Pittsburgh. For much of his early years in New Castle, funerals marked the end of the line for old-timers, some of whom were close to the century mark. Almade noticed something different in the past year. He led funerals for five men, in their 30s and 40s. Families were tight-lipped about the cause of their deaths. "There's something going on here," Almade thought to himself. And, as the funerals continued, he heard the whispers. These men were not dying of …

What I Learned From Engaging the Alt Right

Last year, without being a Trump supporter or really involved in national politics at all, I became involved in a higher tier part of the Alt Right community. I first became involved in a "Patriotic Socialist" group and then a Neitschzean Right group. I'm not sure how I got suggested to the first one - I assume someone linked me.

2016 was a weird social hell and one that honestly, even if the repugnant response was still there, actually made the ideas somewhat palateable. Liberal people I met in Portland (I tried out living there last year) were regularly saying racist and ableist on a level beyond what I found in these groups. When I lived in that city, I not only was faced with a number of petty arguments over things not even worth mentioning but saw it - several times - at restaurants and cafes.

I made a few friends there and actually was able to vent how frustrating life in the US was, how people seemed strained and somewhat terrified on a daily basis. I actually ha…

Stars Of Courage Cover Art: Mario Savio

When I first started the Stars of Courage project with my friend Jordan Denato, the intent was simply to illustrate people who dedicate their lives to altruistic ventures - helping others and in turn fulfilling both the premises of liberation theology, breaking down artificial structures that enforce poverty, and Tikkun Olam, the Jewish mantra of "healing the world."

Jordan came up with the mechanical theme as it became clear that many people we spotlighted were either helping people in opposition to established institutions or outside of them. The machine grinds people down, makes them unaware, ignorant and self-serving.  Radical Second Things is dedicated both to radical ideas that can alleviate poverty and marginalization outside of institutional settings and to the tradition and self-knowledge that makes marginalization less likely.

Mario Savio's quote will be the cover when Stars of Courage is finally collected. Thank you to all who are part of Radical Second Things…